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My name is Karen Steiner and I’m a Weight Loss Coach, Food Activist and Meditation Teacher. Professionally, I have a Master’s degree in Counseling and Educational Psychology, I’ve been trained as a Life Coach through The Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) and have my Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University.

I’ve worked as a counselor, teacher, and studio artist, but I credit most of the education I use in my coaching to the School of Hard Knocks. I spent a lifetime trying to control what I eat and how much I weighed. I’d go for months keeping a tight control on my diet, weighing and measuring every bite — but you can only white-knuckle cravings for so long. Eventually I’d slip back into old habits and gain everything back.

Through my personal experience and training, I learned that eating is — and needs to be — pleasurable, otherwise we would have never survived. But the food we have available today is beyond pleasurable, it’s downright seductive. I can do for you what I did for myself, and help you break the food seduction.

After nearly 40 years of contemplative practice and study with teachers Buddhist, Christain, and Jewish I learned how to take that practice off the cushion and into the kitchen. I’ll teach you how to eat mindfully and how to use that mindfulness to work with cravings, guide your food choices, listen for — not to — your inner critics and saboteurs. When we work together, you’ll learn how to access your innate inner wisdom to prioritize your well-being and stop overeating.

While I am certified in plant-based nutrition, I don’t require my clients to shift to a totally plant-based diet. However, your biggest food friend is FIBER and that only comes from plants. When it comes to food, my goal is to give you suggestions, guidelines and scientific data to guide your weight loss journey. But what you eat, how much, and when, is all up to you.

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Here’s what clients are saying

During the year and a half that Karen and I worked together I gradually started eating mindfully, adding more whole foods, fruits, and vegetables to my diet and began to release weight. To date I have released over 130 pounds. Karen also encouraged me to explore meditation and exercise which I continue to incorporate daily in my morning routine. I’m so grateful to have been launched on this journey of a lifetime by such a compassionate, wise, and informed coach. Thank you!

—Karen P., New York

Karen’s Six Point Program has ‘taken ‘hold’ of my life and it has helped me stay on track with my eating and exercise program. Here’s an example of what mindful eating can do for you, I went on a cruise, enjoyed every morsel I ate, and came home ONE POUND lighter! I love that victory.

—Faye W., Maryland

My consistent commitment to a healthy lifestyle is due to Karen’s understanding, listening, and acceptance while offering encouragement and pushing me when necessary. Her personal story is an inspiration too. If I can do this you can too!

—Melinda R., New Mexico

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